I’m racing amateur supermoto at Infineon this weekend. It’s part of the West Coast Moto Jam, a big event that includes all types of motorcycle racing (motocross, dirt track, superbike, etc).

I’ll be racing 3 classes:

  • Saturday: Asphalt-only Open beginner
  • Sunday: Open Novice/C and Open beginner

There is a 30% chance of rain on Sunday and I am not sure what I am going to do as I don’t have rain slicks. I’m not sure I really want to cut my tires as they are pretty new and honestly I am not hardcore enough to really want to race in the rain.

I’m really excited about the races in general! I took Thursday off work to practice on the track and I loved it. The dirt section is a little gnarly though (there are pictures at http://mikedoran.zenfolio.com/p533645150). I’m planning on taking it slow and not trying to go fast through it though.

I also probably have some spare tickets if anyone knows me in real life and is interested (they are free and include starting grid passes!)

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