The merge from mozilla-central to mozilla-aurora happening TOMORROW (2011-04-12) at ~6:00 am PDT.

There is some discussion as to what “merge on 2011-04-12” means. It is generally open to two interpretations:

  1. Developers can land fixes up to 11:59 pm PDT on 2011-04-12 and the actual merge will happen on 2011-04-13 PDT
  2. Developers can land fixes up to the merge point, which happens sometime on  2011-04-12

We are going with #2 above and intend to do the merge @ ~6:00 am PDT.

How will you know the merge is done / mozilla-central is tracking for Firefox 6 instead of 5?

There will be a version bump on mozilla-central to 6.0a1 (see bug 648653). Anything before that will generally be on track for the next Firefox version, anything after will likely wait for a future release.

What happens if the version bump hasn’t happened and it is after 6:00 am PDT?

We’ve decided to give some more time, you can still land for the upcoming Firefox release (likely for < 24 hours).

Please use best judgement when pushing late tonight and tomorrow. We will NOT be closing the tree…normal mozilla-central tree rules apply.

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2 Responses to mozilla-central to mozilla-aurora merge tomorrow, 2011-04-12

  1. Mike Beltzner says:


    I’m still a little nervous about up-front declaring that things are “in” or “out” for a specific version, but that’s just me wanting to be totally clear about terminology.

    Nothing’s in a release until it merges across to the release-repository, which is further along in the process and requires a go/no-go from the release drivers, correct?