I signed up to race supermoto in the 2011 Northern California Series! I got my racer card in the mail:

Why 161? The golden ratio. I might add in a very small decimal point and the proper trailing digits. Yes, it’s nerdy…but I don’t really have a number with personal significance so I figured I’d go with something significant in general.

The first race is April 2nd and 3rd at Prairie City OHRVA (near Sacramento).  I have already practiced on the track previously, which will make the first race of the season a little less nerve-wracking. I’ll be riding my KTM:

I’m really worried about the rain and am contemplating buying rain tires. I’m not sure I want to deal with switching out the slicks if it doesn’t rain though. Throw in the fact that I likely need new slicks for the race regardless and I’m looking at possibly two or three tire changes…not fun. I was going to pick up another of the same bike I saw for cheap on craiglist to use as parts and to have a spare wheelset, but it looks to have sold. Oh well, I’ll figure something else out.

I’ll be racing 2 classes:

  1. Beginner
  2. Open C (novice)

The beginner isn’t a part of the championship series but the Open C is. I plan on using the beginner races to get some in-your-face supermoto practice time in while concentrating on winning the Open C.

I have two goals for the season. First, to not crash. Second, to win 1st in Open C and move up next season. We’ll see how both go…

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