I built a live Gantt chart of the buildbot steps running in the Mozilla build system. You can see it at http://pulse.mozilla.org/gantt (note that it sometimes randomly disconnects, working to fix that). Because the page is live, there may or may not be builds going on when you view it. Here is what it looks like with some activity:

It’s also neat to zoom out to get a higher level overview:

It’s pretty neat to see the assorted steps and how long they take. I personally have learned a bit more about what is going on under the hood just from watching the page stream data. Hopefully this tool (or something like it) can be used to identify long steps or additional places for pipelining so RelEng’s already amazing turnaround time can be even better!

The ease in which this tool was built is also really exciting. I can’t wait to get more data in Pulse to enable other types of tools!

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4 Responses to Live Gantt chart of the Mozilla build system

  1. Nick Thomas says:

    This will be really cool once all the builds aren’t smushed up together.

  2. Axel Hecht says:

    Oh, you got fancy charts.

    Can’t help to notice that that’s what coconut/bounty showed based on the build database, too, see http://blog.mozilla.com/axel/2010/11/10/looking-at-the-internals-of-our-builds/ and http://blog.mozilla.com/axel/2010/11/12/counting-sourcestamps-changes-and-faking-data/