As mentioned in meetings (and planet via the meeting notes), the Firefox 4 beta 9 code freeze is tomorrow, 2011-01-07.

  • If you have a risky change, don’t land it until we’ve branched (likely Monday, 2011-01-10)
  • If you need as much beta feedback as possible for a particular fix, please get it in for beta 9 if you can
  • If you have a question, please ask instead of assuming (LegNeato on irc or

Basically, think hard about your fixes and decide if you could reasonably justify the schedule slip if they cause problems. If you can’t make that decision, feel free to ask me.

I don’t anticipate giving the go for builds until Monday, late afternoon PST. In the early afternoon PST I will contact assorted stakeholders and see if there is anything that would hold the release and get an estimated time for the build.

Please let me know if there are any bugs you are worried about not making the freeze (and give justification why they can’t wait until the next beta). A word of caution, the bar for blocking the freeze is extremely high.


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2 Responses to Firefox 4 beta 9 code freeze is TOMORROW

  1. Juan Pablo says:

    Will it be available for download 64-bit version? Right now only in nightly version 🙁