You may have noticed a bunch of bug churn in any bug marked blocking2.0:beta9+ (and their related bugs).

I’ll blog more about what happened later, but the short story is an automated script blanked fields not in the “_default” fieldset when querying the Bugzilla REST API (specifically See Also, CCs, Blocks, Depends On, Keywords). The script was tested, but only against test bugs that didn’t have data in those fields. I watched the first couple of production bugs getting changed, didn’t see a problem, and let it run. I was confirming everything acted as I expected when I saw the issue halfway through script execution (before people started hollering at me) so there are some bugs in that list that had the correct changes applied (that is, the only data that changed was blocking2.0:beta9+ to blocking2.0:betaN+).

I manually went through each bug and I believe I have fixed them all up. Of course, when going through ~116 bugs manually there is potential for error. Please send me an email if I missed anything or a bug looks suspect to you.

The most annoying part (other than looking like an idiot) is in the time I spent developing the script, a cleanup script, and manual checking I could have patched the missing feature I was working around into Bugzilla proper.

Sorry for the bugspam.

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2 Responses to Whoops, I caused a bunch of bug churn

  1. Dan says:

    Which missing feature? Can you not mass change blocking flags?