I went snowboarding with my family on Thanksgiving Day. I brought along my helmet cam and made a video. The weather was gorgeous and the snow was the best it has ever been on Thanksgiving. Squaw had only opened their intermediate and beginner lifts. I wish they had opened more!

The video is fairly long and is pretty much me just riding by myself. I also apparently move my head around a lot. It was hard to actually stick with my cousins, and when I did it was hard to keep them in frame. I muted the commentary and stuck in a soundtrack, as there wasn’t really any interesting dialog and the camera had a fair amount of wind noise.

I crash in powder somewhere towards the middle.

Songs in order of appearance:

  1. The XX – Crystalised
  2. The XX – Intro
  3. Chromeo – Night by Night
  4. Massive Attack – Psyche
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