Crazy release day today!

For those following the Firefox 4 betas we released the fifth one today. Check out the post for details but there is some hot graphics acceleration action on Windows and an audio API that enables awesomeness.

For those not willing to run pre-release software, we released Firefox 3.6.9 today for users on the stable branch. As always there are great crash fixes and security improvements, but we also snuck in a little hardening. Firefox 3.6.9 adds support for the X-FRAME-OPTIONS HTTP header. Check out Michael’s blog post about it for details. Big hat tip to Brandon Sterne for working on it and making people more secure. Taking an aggressive hardening approach on stable branches is happening more and more (like enabling the last bits of ASLR in Firefox 3.6.7). I like it!

Because good things generally come in threes, we also released Firefox 3.5.12. Again, more security and stability fixes are always a welcome sight. At this point you should probably be running Firefox 3.6.9 though, as it is way better…trust me!

With this many releases, RelEng and QA had to work overtime. They did amazing work! Thanks to everyone, and thanks especially to Anthony Hughes…he’s an update testing machine.

Did I say good things in threes? There was actually even more release shenanigans today. Both Thunderbird and SeaMonkey had releases today as well, though I was less involved and can’t speak to all the goodness they bring.

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2 Responses to Tons of Mozilla/Firefox releases today

  1. Boersenfeger says:

    Hi, Christian!
    The internal Firefox UpDate for 3.6.9 breaks. Some Mozilla downloads for external install.exe give a 505 Permission denied Warning. Look here:
    I know some Bugzilla Reports like this:
    but I miss an official Statement from Mozilla about this Issue. Can you give me a Link, when its exist, or some Information? Im a Senior-Supporter for the German Firefox-Forum, and some User ask about this.
    Thanks for your good wonderful Job an excuse my bad English…
    Have a nice Day