According to various blog posts my StarCraft 2 patching issues are because I am running a case-sensitive filesystem. I saw this stupid issue before with Steam.  This is extremely frustrating and I can’t believe I have to work around it. They don’t even offer a manual patch package I can download and try. I found the answer by searching the web, as I was on hold with Blizzard for over an hour and never got a chance to talk to a real person. I doubt Blizzard support will be winning any awards soon.

No, I am not reformatting or hacking around. THIS IS A VALID APPLE-SUPPORTED CONFIGURATION!

Don’t tell me it is too hard to support case-sensitivity due to porting issues…other people ship software on multiple platforms without issues. As mentioned in the blog article I linked above, all Blizzard resources are stored in compressed archives…they shouldn’t even have to deal with the filesystem save for 20 files or so.

It’s also fairly clear this wasn’t a conscious decision as there are no support articles and the troubleshooting suggestions don’t mention this as a possible cause. There is no mention of this “requirement” in the system requirements on the box either. The QA team should be sternly talked to if this wasn’t in their test matrix. This is pure laziness or ineptitude on Blizzard’s part.

This is a disturbing trend in Mac OS X application development and I am ashamed it is tolerated. If companies told their Windows users to reformat they would get skewered by reviewers. Also, I still don’t get why this is special to Mac versions of the apps, as far as I know NTFS is case-sensitive and FAT is not.

There is a chicken-and-egg problem in this particular case, as it’s their updater that’s crashing. How do they expect to fix it in the future (if they intend to do so)? They don’t look to be too speedy/adept at releasing manual downloads. So, I have no hope it will be fixed and intend to get my money back.

Because no part of this process can be easy, I can’t even vote with my wallet without tons of hassle. GameStop doesn’t take returns for opened computer games. They will “helpfully” open another box and give me the DVD out of it, but won’t give me money back. I tried to explain there was no benefit to this rule–if they were giving me the DVD anyway I could have copied the old key and activated 2 accounts without both disks. They didn’t listen of course.

I am sure Blizzard will refund the money, likely in a couple weeks time. Weeks they get to keep my money and hours of my time wasted installing and diagnosing the issue. I should send them a bill.

What a joke.

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