I am going to focus on these side projects in the coming weeks, in addition to driving the Firefox security releases. If you see anything missing or something that needs my attention, please let me know.

Projects in order of importance

  1. Patch for Bugzilla to add rich bug relations.
    This will give us greater confidence that bugs aren’t missed/overlooked. It will also help development by organizing bugs consistently and allow for richer tools, processes, and progress reporting
  2. Create a new “release management” system that will manage all aspects of a release.
    This will allow consistent processes between different teams/releases, make sure nothing is missed, add checking tools, and generally become the “truth” when it comes to release metadata (schedule, state, status, etc)
  3. Get Mozilla Pulse (http://pulse.mozilla.org) solid, usable, and useful.
    Pulse has the opportunity to make all systems at Mozilla better. I hit some bumps with RabbitMQ but will be working on ironing them out and providing a scalable, HA system that can later be handed over to another team
  4. Create a triage reporting tool.
    This will make the approval processes more open by publishing triage notes and results. It will also be a place to put action items so that they are acted upon before the next triage session
  5. Finish new release note framework.
    I started this when I first came but got tied up in other projects. The way we do release notes involves a lot of copy and paste, it is difficult for QA to create automated tests, etc. I intend to fix this
  6. Patch for TabCandy to support user-defined rules.
    The response to TabCandy has been great, but I think having this feature will be essential for power users and those who don’t want to manually organize tab groups. I’ve looked at the TabCandy code a bit and this shouldn’t be too hard to hack in. I may work on this a bit as a breather from the above projects (but probably not)

If you have any ideas about these systems (or others you think release management needs), please let me know!

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3 Responses to Side projects for me in the coming weeks

  1. Ben Hearsum says:

    Can’t wait for that bugzilla patch <3.

  2. KC5 says:

    If you are working on tab candy, I think it needs to be more stable before adding extra features. I gave it another try last week and it is still crashing my browser too often to use for work. Maybe it isn’t meant to support my 50 tabs, but I need it to!

  3. Axel Hecht says:

    Christian, there’s some overlap in your items 2 and 3, and projects we’re working on for the l10n dashboard.

    For your release coordination, stas is currently working on a django app nick-named “todo”, which is managing process templates with different owners for different items and dependencies. We should check if that code can work for both of us? Stas is on vacation this week, maybe next?

    For pulse, I’d really love to understand more about that. We need a backbone for data in the l10n dashboard for localizers to watch, sounds much like pulse. My quick requirements are hacked up in https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=563823, I’d love to figure out what of that is pulse, or can make it into pulse, at the very least.