Some of you may have noticed we released a quick Firefox 3.6.6 yesterday (Saturday here in the states). This was created off the 3.6.4 relbranch and only included one additional fix. To be clear, anything that was previously marked as fixed did NOT go out in 3.6.6. Confusing, I know.  I also wanted to say thank you to all those that gave up a day of their weekend and got the release out the door.

Because of the release, we moved the previous blocking and nomination flags to, as the next released version of Firefox will be 3.6.7.

Code freeze for 3.6.7 and 3.5.11 was Friday, which means we are now frozen. There are still a bunch of open blockers! PLEASE, please take a look at these lists and see if you are on the hook. Even though we are frozen, we will be approving fixes for blockers (mostly security fixes) on an ad-hoc basis if they come in early enough in the week.