If you are a Makefile guru or just have a bit of spare time to slog through Makefile syntax, take a crack at:

This bug (combined with Bug 559133 – Use ASLR in NSPR if it’s available) will go a long way to hardening Firefox!

If we could get a patch landed for Firefox 3.6.6 (code freeze is tonight!) it would be AMAZING.

One Response to Are you a Makefile guru? Would you like to make Firefox more secure?

  1. Justin Wood (Callek) says:

    I’m reading some of my older posts, and being a c-c (comm-central) build system peer; I think I qualify; though I’m at my day job right now so can’t look at the bug. If you still need help here please just E-mail me and I will be happy to see what I can do.