I got a ContourHD 1080p helmet cam. This trip was a dry-run of sorts to see what settings to use and the type of riding that would be interesting on camera. I also got to flex my iMac’s muscles by editing the thing.

I’m riding my TM Racing 300. I went with three cousins and an uncle. Some broken parts (not mine!) but no broken bones which is always a good thing. Be sure to watch the video in 720p if it is not, though it should default to that quality.

Some observations:

  • The camera is really nice and takes amazing videos for its size
  • I don’t even notice the camera when wearing it. I used the goggle mount as I didn’t feel comfortable velcro-ing something this expensive to my helmet
  • I can’t quite go all day on one battery and one memory card. Time to get another of both so I don’t have to worry about missing something
  • Wind noise is horrible when going over 25 mph. Apparently it is a known problem with some less-than-ideal solutions. I’m going to just throw a sock over the camera and be done with it
  • I don’t normally ride with goggles. It was a lot hotter keeping them on the whole ride
  • My i7 iMac still took ~14 minutes to process all the footage before I could edit it in iMovie 09. I guess that’s decent as I have 16gb of footage, though the camera shoots in MOV so I’m not sure what it was doing
  • I’m glad I got the 2tb hard drive option. At 16gb a day it will fill up quickly
  • iMovie 09 is the most frustrating piece of software I have ever used. I’m very surprised Apple scrapped the critically acclaimed older version for this new one
  • Automator’s “Convert Movie to AppleTV format” or whatever was a lifesaver. Oddly, not every converted movie played on the AppleTV. Very unlike Apple, I expected it to just work
  • The camera came with a somewhat decent Java app. I only used it to load camera presets, but it looked competent at least
  • The camera isn’t recognized as a camera when plugged in. It shows up as a standard FAT32 removable disk. Not a big deal
  • It took 3 minutes to save the video in HD for YouTube. It took about one hour to upload it to YouTube with AT&T UVERSE via iMovie’s YouTube integration
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