Who knew writing blog entries would be so hard? I have a bunch of half-finished entries in the queue, but they have taken a back-burner to Firefox releases, weekend fun, and craigslist shopping.

It is surprisingly hard to write a coherent blog post. I think the last four years of emailing informally for work has caused my long-form writing skills to atrophy. I’ve also noticed my spelling ability take a nose-dive when I read craigslist for an extended period of time. I will hopefully be writing a Firefox Jetpack to fix common phonetic spelling mistakes in craigslist posts, which should hopefully allow me to read craigslist without getting dumber.

Upcoming post topics:

  • Technology
    • A fairly in-depth look at update technology, comparing the difference between Apple, Mozilla, and (generally) Linux vendors. I might look into what Microsoft does as well, but it would be a superficial comparison as I have little hands-on experience with the Windows side of software updates / installers
    • My #1 Bugzilla feature request (and potential patch / changeset)
    • Ideas for new systems / process improvements at Mozilla
    • Post on Firefox OOPP and the positive impact it is having
    • What it’s like to be a new employee at Mozilla (in general as well as thoughts about coming from Apple)
    • My new i7 iMac impressions
  • Personal / Random
    • Things that annoy me that other people seem to enjoy immensely

Also, expect so see a lot more random picture posts as soon as I get a cellphone that actually takes photos. I had to give up my iPhone when I left Apple as it was their hardware on their plan. I am now a proud owner of a sweet $20 Samsung Go Phone (aka “Zack Morris” phone):

This is pretty much the phone I currently have

This is pretty much the phone I have