I could spend years on YouTube. YEARS I tell you!

This weekend I was playing guitar and went looking for something new and fun to play. I decided to see if there are any cool acoustic covers on YouTube. Of course, there are about a billion.

Pretty much the first hit was this sweet cover of Gnarls Barkley (great band btw):

Love it, such a unique cover. How about this hotness:

Wow. The woman’s voice sort of reminded me of Cat Power:

I love this cover of the Rolling Stones’ song Satisfaction. It’s hauntingly beautiful. The best part is she covers the verses and drops the chorus, which is the most recognizable bit of the song…GENIUS!

Next on my random YouTube search was this fun cover of Geek in the Pink. I have no clue how they did so cleanly “live”:

The girl’s hat kind of annoys me, but I’ll let it side due to the rendition being so awesome. Then I got to Milow singing Ayo Technology, which is normally a mediocre pop/rap song:

No longer pop/rap OR mediocre. Next up was Pixi Lott. She’s famous in the UK. This video and song is a bit over-produced but still enjoyable:

After listening to Pixi I waded through a bunch of junk covers and decided to find this legit Michael Jackson cover that I had heard previously and loved:

I can’t help but smile when I see how much fun they are having playing. One of their related videos was this rendition of the Duck Tales theme song (I know, random, right?):

I have that darn song stuck in my head now, fun. Thinking about those amazing covers made me randomly think of the famous Hawaiian dude who did covers on the ukelele (what can I say, I have weird thought patterns):

So amazing. This brought me on a tangent looking at general ukelele covers. This one was pretty decent:

Then I found this cover that absolutely blew my socks off. His voice totally doesn’t match his look:

Woah, that sounds amazing for a ukelele. I started thinking about an amazing professional ukelele player I had heard a couple years ago. I had no clue what his name was or if I had even seen the song on YouTube. I hunted around for 30 seconds and BAM, Jake Shimabukuro doing Thriller:

Hunted around a bit more and this was the video I remembered from watching once a few years ago, Jake Shimabukuro doing my favorite Beatles song:

I love teh Interwebs.

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