I just wanted to give a quick thank you to those who helped get Firefox 3.6.3 out the door. This was the first release I was driving and everyone at Mozilla was super helpful and patient with my questions.

Though a rapid security update would normally be viewed as entirely negative, 3.6.3 had a couple of positive points for me:

  1. It was my first release, which made me more aware of what was going on. The experience should help releases going forward.
  2. The release fixed a public security issue without regressions. It made Firefox users safer without compromising stability. The no regressions bit is very important, as we want users to trust updates enough to apply them quickly. If you see a regression please let us know.
  3. We beat our Pwn2Own response time from last year. Last year it was 10 days (which is great), this year it was 8 days (which is amazing).
  4. We beat other companies to a fix and received recognition from the press for it. Though security is not a race, it’s nice to be first (without sacrificing stability of course).
  5. Beating Apple to a publicly released fix gives me the opportunity to gloat to my old team. I enjoy gloating immensely.

Thanks everyone!

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