I read a bunch of blogs. I don’t comment, I lurk. I have never personally had a blog before. This was basically because of 3 reasons:

  1. I didn’t really think I had anything interesting to say about my personal life
  2. I wasn’t sure I could say anything about my professional life (when working at Apple)
  3. I have a unique last name and am acutely aware that the internet is public

So why start a blog now?

For #1, I noticed I was updating my facebook status a lot. Now, I realize none of those statuses may have been interesting, but I realized I was microblogging anyway.

For #2, I am now at Mozilla. They encourage blogging and openness. Additionally, I love to read planet.mozilla.org and am stoked I can be syndicated there.

And for #3, I realized I don’t really care that much. When I started on Myspace (yuck) and Facebook I locked myself down where you couldn’t even search for me. I gradually started to break down those locks over time, to the point that I currently have many accounts (LinkedIn, etc) that display information to the web at large. I’ve given up on Internet anonymity. That said, I am still concerned about my privacy…which is why certain information is still hidden/controlled as best I can on Facebook, etc.

3 Responses to Starting a blog…

  1. Amy Rapport says:

    Hey Christian, congratulations on the new job. Hope it works out well for you. Amy

  2. Awesome to see you blogging! I always found the hardest thing was regularly posting, so I hope you’re able to get a groove so I can read about what you are up to.