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My name’s Christian Legnitto (LegNeato on IRC/Twitter) and I started working at Mozilla last week. I love it so far! I joined Mozilla as the new release driver for Firefox security and stability releases, so you’ll be hearing a lot about updates from me.

Before Mozilla I worked at Apple doing (surprise) security and stability releases for Mac OS X. If you use Mac OS X and have installed any security update or point release since 10.4.6, you’ve seen my handiwork.

So what does a release driver do? A lot! First and foremost, I define the scope and schedule for the deliverable/update. Once defined, I then drive the project forward. This usually involves a lot of status checking and bugging people for fixes and/or testing. At the end of it all I’m the person that decides to push the big red button and send an update out to millions of users. And if anything breaks because of the update? It’s my job to take responsibility, figure out why it happened, and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

I’ll also be using my past release experience to suggest process and tool improvements at Mozilla. And because I am a programmer at heart, I will likely write a bunch of tools myself when I have downtime.

My Mozilla-related posts should show up on and, but I’ll be talking about other stuff as well, so feel free to check out or follow me on twitter (@LegNeato). Also, all this tweeting and blog posting is fairly new to me…so feel free to give me some pointers!

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  2. Mossop says:

    Hello Christian! Great to have you on board.