As discussed in today’s platform meeting and decided by drivers after reviewing current information, this is the plan for beta 11 and how it relates to mozilla-central development work.

Beta 11

We are pushing to get these bugs in by EOD today (PST):

If you are on the hook for any of those (including reviews and feedback) they are your number one priority.

If you are landing bugs NOT in that list, please think about the risk to beta 11. If anything is even slightly risky, please hold off a day until we branch for beta 11 before landing on mozilla-central. We will not close mozilla-central and instead trust developers to act responsibly with risk.

Once we have all / the the majority of the bugs in the query above we will call a build using the last green changeset.

Beta 12

The current plan is to build when the remaining betaN hardblockers are done. This is heavily dependent on fix and blocker creation rate. I will be doing some analysis to give people a possible date range, but as far as development is concerned everything is the same (fix as many betaN hardblockers as quickly as possible).

As usual, feel free to contact me on IRC or via email if there are questions/concerns.

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