As of last night you can now send AMQP messages to a message broker (like the one running on for GitHub pushes and commits!

Here’s how to set it up…

First, go to the admin area of one of your repositories:

Next click on “Service Hooks” on the left hand side:

After that, select the AMQP service hook:

Configure the hook to point at your server and it’s done!

Once configured, the next time you push there will be messages sent via AMQP to your server from GitHub. Currently, it sends one overall push message containing all changeset info in the push as well as individual changeset messages.

Mesages are sent for the push with the following routing key format:



owner = payload['repository']['owner']['name']repo  = payload['repository']['name']ref   = payload['ref_name']

Messages are also sent for each commit in a push, with the following routing key format:



author = commit['author']['email'](other fields are the same as above)

The message data is sent in JSON format.

Here’s an example commit message (dumped from Python):

And here’s an example push message (dumped from Python):

Now that this service exists Pulse can get messages about Mozilla checkins for projects hosted on GitHub, making Pulse the one-stop shop for real-time Mozilla data…once the Bugzilla extension, MediaWiki extension, and Mercurial extension are put into production of course.

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  1. David Ascher says:

    Awesome. Keep it up.