Armen had asked about the current state of pulse on the mailing list and suggested I blog about it. There hasn’t been much said publicly since the summit so I agreed it would be good to update everyone.

First, pulse has become a quarterly goal for Bob Moss’ team! This is huge and means we’ll get some talented people and additional momentum behind the project. They are tasked with moving it from a concept to something that can stand up on its own. I will still likely be heavily involved, though in the end I would love to just be a consumer of the system.

Recently we had a meeting to discuss the current state of pulse and how to hand it off. The slides from that discussion are can be found on my people account, though I am not sure they make a lot of sense without my explanations.

Current state / happenings:

  1. I’ve turned the scrapers back on so there are real messages currently flowing through pulse. The two scrapers running are the Bugzilla API and HG webpage message scrapers (used by BugzillaConsumer and HgConsumer in the python helper library). Side note:  I need write a maintenance script so unacknowledged bugzilla messages in user queues don’t fill up the disk space on the VM
  2. The bugzilla extension (bugzilla-push) I wrote enabling bugzilla to publish directly to pulse is done
  3. I rolled out bugzilla-push on for testing. The bug tracking rollout is bug 58932
  4. Bugzilla-push is going through security review soon (bug 599979)
  5. My bugzilla refactoring patch that enables comment messages to be published into pulse finally got approved yesterday! (bug 590334)
  6. I wrote a quick and dirty hg hook to allow push and changeset messages to be published directly into pulse (hg-broker). The bug tracking rollout is bug 603029
  7. I am currently writing a mediawiki extension so all changes can be published into pulse
  8. I have started to revamp the documentation/website on
  9. We’ve talked with the RabbitMQ guys a bit and may join WebDev in having them come in for a consult so I can voice my needs/concerns
  10. I’ve started playing around with elasticsearch so we can have storing and searching of all messages (doesn’t work quite right yet)

I’ll try to make it a habit to blog about pulse more. For the latest news feel free to join the mailing list.

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